Right click blockers

November, 12, 2011
Right click blockers

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All the photo sharing sites like Flickr have some kind of image protection. Disabling the right click is the most annoying one. If someone wants to “steal” your images, he has so many other ways to do that.
So how to protect the images and should they be protected at all nowadays?
If you are a lawyer you’ll use copyright, if you are an anarchist you’ll use copyleft. If you are somewhere in between you have a variety of options offered by the creative commons. If you were me, you’d use the CopyrighTT. It means “you can do everything, as long as you ask the author”. So let’s not annoy the people who want to “Save as” your photos. You can right click on my photos as much as you want; but please, do ask me for later usage. Thank you!