March, 11, 2013

You may’ve already noticed the recent transformation on the website but let’s summarize the changes. It’s been a while since the site has been up and running, but only these recent updates let it closer to my original idea. If this would be a software project this would be called “changelog”:

  • supersized plugin update to version 2.3.7
  • jQuery update to version 1.9.1
  • the whole layout is refactored with bootstrap 3.0.0 release candidate (mobile first, responsive…). Go ahead and try resizing your browser or browse the photos on your smartphone!
  • the project is uploaded to GitHub for easier development and backup
  • related posts
  • vertical menu is now horizontal and mobile ready
  • a twitter link is added in contact
  • CSS and template cleanup
  • portfolio update. Finally I’ve deleted all those frogs and grandmothers (google for explanation) from the portfolio as I have nothing to do with Mladic, SNS and co. (but they still reside in the weblog among similar daily reportages).

I still have plenty of ideas for the “roadmap”. There would be more backend changes as it’s still a highly customized wordpress theme and I have to refactor it to be more generic with lots of improvements regarding mostly image handling and organization. On the other hand, I’ll keep the site for nostalgic reasons, but first I have to update it for mobile devices as well.
Have I mentioned anywhere that this isn’t a programmer’s site?

Brainstorming for the photography website
This is how it all started…

Brainstorming for the photography website
Categories or tags?

The old layout of the website
The old layout…

The new layout of the website
vs. the new…

The new mobile first and responsive menu on the website
and it’s responsive smartphone version

The old portfolio on the website
Frogs and grandmothers, the old portfolio

If you don’t know where to start, the Bye-bye project is updated with new photos.